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Born in Caracas, Venezuela (1956) he studied in the School of Art and Craft (Madrid, Spain), Restoration and Conservation at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and New York University (NYU). His works are found in several private collections, both in and outside of the United States. The Metropolitan Museum of NY has six of his workS.

Ernesto has worked in themes related to cultural resistance, anti-globalization, anti-war, anti-imperialism, anti-racism, anti-discrimination movements and natural environment concerns, among others. The power of media under people's hand is the main subject of Leon's creative work. He lives and works in Houston; and has developed an intense activity of visual proposals in communities with different characteristics in the city of Houston; been closely involved to the life of Houston, he provided the University of Houston photographic archives of thousands of images and varied topics of Houston’s different cultures.

Ernesto has conducted more than 300 interviews published in Community TV video of thinkers and social activists and artists in Houston and more than 600 radio programs for Radio Pacifica on issues related to the Houston community.

Ernesto has cultivated the genre of Streetphotgraphy since 1980 and for the the last 10 years has BEEN dedicated just to photography — specifically about the city of Houston and it’s streets; traveling and taking photos of several museums around the world under the gender of street photo; he has participated in FotoFest, Museo Rufino Tamayo photo and at the Station Museum of Houston on several occasions.

Today is dedicated to bringing together street photographers in Houston who are convinced that it is generating a movement of great importance.

By Mariana Valdes

Forma110, is pleased to present a solo exhibition byErnesto Leon, curated by forma110, the exhibition of large and small scalephotographs present powerful images of the everyday life in public spaces,particularly in urban landscapes.

Ernesto Leon's photo exhibition is based on the concept ofStreet Photography, which does not focus on the environment but rather on thepresentation of spontaneous circumstances in any public space, wether on thestreet, building or institution.

This work series reflects the fusion -or its almostimperceptible limit- that at the present exits among public and privatespaces.   Another interesting aspect of these photographs lie inthose images that are related to 'exhibition spaces', which present a personalvision of these institutions - 'humanizing' and inviting the spectator torelate in new ways to its architecture, spaces and visitors.

Ernesto takes his camera out on to the streets of differentcities to capture life, unexpectedly.  Through his lens he offers us a newreading of habitual atmospheres and scenarios through different layers'captured' in his own frame.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela (1956) he studied in the Schoolof Art and Craft (Madrid, Spain), Restoration and Conservation at the NationalAutonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and  New York University(NYU).  Leon has worked in themes related to cultural resistance,anti-globalization, anti-war, anti-imperialistic, anti-racism,anti-discrimination movements and natural environment concerns, amongothers.   The power of media under people's hand is the main subjectat Leon's creative work.

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